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Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights


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Hey all ...


Just watching the news and thougth I would share with you. Due to a large Solar Flare today. There is greater chance on seeing the Aurora Borealis tonight.


I have seen both the Northern and Southern lights. If you have never seen them before, it is simply incredible.


So, look to the north tonight, in an un-lit area.


Also, don't forget there is a little meteor shower occuring tonight too. 3-6 am.


Just a heads up .... :thumbs:

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id like to see that someday , its nice living in the gity , only star i ever see is the dam sun.its nice going to glamis out in the desert you can see alot.



yeah I live in about he most light satured place on this earth, good old las vegas. I can drive 5 minutes out of the valley though and it's so clear and dark it's unbelievable. I may have to go for a drive tonight.

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any specific time you are suppose to see the northern lights


No real specific time ... The further north you are, the better. Mostly from 00:00-04:00 Hrs. is usually when they appear ....


You will definetly know it when you see them. Like a wave of different color hues in the sky ....

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One of the thigns I want to do before I head out of this life is see the northern lights.

However I am a little south and there is way to much light pollution. Astronomy is one of my little intrests/ casual hobbies.

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Wish I could see it. We're experiencing 65 mph wind gusts right now and off and on downpours. In the last couple hours I've already seen about 35-40 transformers blow! Power keeps surging and some how we still have it. It's only supposed to get worse so it will probably be a candlelit night.

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