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Remote Controlled Intimidator

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just letting you guys know that when i was at walmart, i picked up a remote controlled intimidator. it looks pretty much exactly the same as the real one and everything. it is pretty darn sweet. it set me back 50 bones, but looks just like what i got so what the hell and it is and rc. it is pretty big too. id say it is bigger than 1/16 probabaly like 1/8. it compares in size to liek a bread box or whatever. id post pics but i have ni digital camara

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Yea I bought one back in November and gave it away as a gift at our SS Event in Bowling Green, Ky. The winner was Bad2theBoneBlackSS. I hope he has fun with it I was going to keep it myself but I was I decided to make a drawing and give it away. Hope I get one for Christmas.

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