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Dodge Stealth conversion


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Alright, so here's the deal.

I'm a chevy man through and through, love the bowtie and nothing beats the General.


Okay, so now you guys aren't going to be too upset about this...


I have always really liked the Mitsubishi 3000GT. The probelm is that I live in Canada and VR4's are very rare and expensive. When I say expensive I'm saying that a VR4 sells for around 30G up here but you can get a Dodge Stealth RT TT for around 8.


GM has never build an AWD twin turbo car with awesome performance. I realize the Grand National is an awesome car and the Syclone is turbocharged and AWD but the GN is a lot like a muscle car and I already own a Chevelle, and the Syclone is also very rare and expensive so I'm opting to go with a Stealth.


I love the look of the 3000GT and I know you can do a front end conversion for them to on the Stealth. I am just wondering if anyone knows anything about doing a conversion to the rear as well? I want to turn a Stealth into a 3000GT, I realize I will probably have to buy doors or something, just looking for any kind of information here.


If you guys are scared of ridicule from the fellow SS guys, just send me an E-mail, I will keep it discrete :D


So how hard is it to convert? I don't really care of the sides look like a Stealth, I just want those sexy tails.


Thanks guys,





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Yes they built an AWD TT car,but no one has offered me any help yet...


Glad not to get hate responses though...


And just to put it to rest, Mitsubishi and Dodge each had 3 model's of their car. There was the base and mid range (both FWD, I beleive they were both 222hp) and then they each offered an AWD twin turbo platform that was 320hp. They're very fast, and kinda unique. Very cool cars, very ahead of their time.


So yeah, I'm still looking for information about the tail light conversion. I know that the glass is different on the cars, maybe I'd just be better importing a VR4 from the US? It's just that's a lot of bones to shell out for another toy...


Anyways, if anyone has any information on doing a tail light conversion let me know. It's not terribly urgent, but I'm just gathering information because I want to do one eventually. I was going to do a Talon/Eclipse just because they are cheaper to buy and cheaper to mod but if you've ever sat in one of those you'll soon see that unless your 5'5 you'll never fit in the damn thing. But there is some serious poential for those things to run into the 10's.


Take it easy guys,



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