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funny joke


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a man is in a restaurant and orders a bowl of chili. the waiter says "sorry sir we're out of chili, i'll go get your drinks while you rethink over your order"

"sure" says the man

while looking at the menu at his other options he notices another man sitting in front of a bowl of chili but not eating.

so he kindly asks the gentleman "i'm sorry to bother you but are you done with your chili?"

"yes" he answers

"well my waiter said there's no more chili today but i really want some, would you mind if i finished yours?"

"no go ahead" he answers

so the man happily takes his preowned bowl of chili back to his table and after eating about half he notices a dead rat in the bowl and starts puking his brains out back into the bowl. he then says to the man eating the chili before him "how'd you eat this, didn't you know there's a dead rat in here?"


then the other man says "actually that's about where i got before i started throwing up too"


ES :flag:

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