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Q: Who has the most miles with a Radix?

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I know a lot of you on here have the Magnuson Radix kit. So how many miles have you driven since the install, and what have you broken?


I am considering this kit, but I don't want to break my 4L70E tranny or blow my LQ9 motor.


I thought I remembered seeing a post where a guy had 100K miles after the Radix on his stock 4L60E or 4L65E tranny. Could this be?


Feedback please.



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i had my radix installed at 7500 and my trans blew at 36000 went to smaller pulley and heads and cam then engine went at 53000 but if u were to leave it as a stock radix i would think you should have no problem getting 80000 out of it if you dont drive like a mad man like me :D

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I'm getting ready to roll over 80,000 miles. I put the radix on with 26,000 on the odometer. Still running the stock trans with a zippy shift kit and TB converter. I have made numerous passes at the track and it is currently running mid 12's.


I consider this a reliable combination.

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