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winter's coming


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when i bought my truck used, it came with 22" rims with some 305/40s i believe. i need to get more of a basic tire for the winter so i was wondering if i can get any size silverado rim or do i have to put 20s on it?


ss stock rims seem tough to find right now not to mention the cost.

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I run the stock Goodyear's on my SS in the winter. I thought I was going to have to change them but they work well on the slick roads although in the deep snow they are not so great.


As I look out the window and see the two feet on the lawn I gotta say that winter is here.





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good to know. i assumed that i could put 16s or 17s on but wanted to make sure. and yea, i know its gonna look ugly as hell but for winter driving its function over style. not to mention, i don't wanna ruin my rims with salt.


fortunately, winter hasn't come this way yet. mid 50s today. so far ive seen snow once this year and we only got a dusting. no accumulation on the roads.


thanks guys!!

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I bought some 17" Avalanche wheels for $200 and put a good set of snow tires on them. If you are in snow country then I recommend a good winter tire with an aggressive tread, not just an All Season tire.


i found a set of Z71 rims for 350 with 1/4 tread left. i used to have bfg all terrains on my old Z71. those could look alittle funny on an SS.

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