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4L60E wasted??

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I recently was got my SS because my 99 Silverado took a chrap. (was looking to trade the 99 in on a SS at the time anyway) the rear end went out (gov-lock pos) and I drove it home in 4wd and the trans acted way weird although the trans is at the end of the time bomb with 130,000 it was weird to me it just all of the sudden with the rearend ANYWAYS I put new rear end in today but the trans prob. is still there when I put it in D it wont do anything and if i get on the gas hard it will almost want to move but then I pull it down in first and it kicks into gear but it slips if you get on the gas rear hard it shifts threw all the gears and it seems to work fine under low tq the only other weird thing is if the trans kicks down into 1st it slips instantly. ALSO in reverse the trans dosent slip at all........................... long post I know but does anyone have any suggestions? Im pretty broke right now and just need to get the truck to a sellable state.

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