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STS vs. Supercharger

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So I was sitting here thinking to myself about what I would like to build this summer when I finish my 1967 Chevelle. I was thinking of buying something with a turbo but I wasn't sure so it lead me to thinking about doing up my 2003 Silverado SS. My question is this...


I'm a drag racer, would a supercharger or a turbo from STS be better for 1/4's? My little brother has an 03 SS with a supercharger, but he is having huge problems with the belt slipping. That's the first vote against the charger.


Anyways, if I do a turbo, I can put a boost controller on it to tune it down right? I am not sure if I can just throw a turbo on a stock motor, so what do I need to do?


Any information from anyone would be great, just tell me what you know or what you've learned, thanks!



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i would give a front mount set up alot of consideration, belt slip is common but can be handled . im happy with the results im getting with my blower and i have a completely stock motor. it just depends on where you want to go with it.

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