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Who all drives their SSS in the snow?


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Unfortunatly I do drive my SSS in the snow but I keep it very clean and luckily we've only had one snow fall this year. I've seen other SSS in the snow around here just wondering if there is anyone on here that drives in it. Plus its just so much fun. :driving:

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I would if we had any snow or my truck was here :tear: i'm still waiting for it to arrive, it will probably snow the day i collect it from the docks, so i'll need to wash underneath when i get home, in the UK they throw tons of salt on the roads, as the government don't think we can drive...but then the UK does seem to come to a complete standstill as soon as there's a light dusting of snow...so maybe their right..



roll on my trucks arrival...can't wait to get driving it snow rain or sunshine i just wanna drive it again

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We've only had 1 snow here and i'm itching for another because I want to have some more fun. People were giving me wierd looks the whole time. It was actually funny to see people struggling to get around when I just take off like normal. :D or maybe with some xtra throttle. I just liked driving around town and getting on it around a turn or something to get it sideways.

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