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Anyone here have for sale?


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I'm currently in the market for one of the following above. I started wanting a Chevy SB truck, but now I really want a GMC since you hardly see them. I've also been looking at the GMC Suburbans from those years as well. If you got one for sale, let me know.



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i am also looking for another 67-72 chevy truck, i have a 70 chev truck-needs rest work what are you looking to spend? :thumbs:


Really depends!


Option #1:

For what I want, it seems like I'm going to spend upwards of $10K - $15K. :eek: I would love to have a GMC SB of those years with a frame off done to it. I'd like to have it bone stock as it came from the factory if possible that way I can do what I want with it and not have to deal with what someone else has done. I've seen a few I liked that were going from $12K - $20K. Not really a big deal considering it's still cheaper than a new truck these days. I saw a really nice factory big block Chevy SB on Ebay and it was going for $20K.


Option #2:

If I could find a very clean, rust free, gone through GMC with no motor and trans, that would be optimum. That way I could do those mentioned items my way. So long as I don't have to do anything else to it, that would be great.


I'm also looking for GMC Suburbans now. I've seen a few fixed up and they look bad ass!

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