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cool sunglasses


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i just got s set of spy griffen polarized photchromatic lenses. they change color inside and outside. they get light so you can actually where them inside and see fine and the darken up outsid elike normal sunglasses. they retail for a little over 200 i got em on ebay for about 130 shipped.



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I just got a pair of Maui Jim's and really like them.  :thumbs:


Mr. P.


I used to swear by oakley and now I have maui jims. Great Sunglasses they have a new style that is similiar to the one chase has. The best is to go to a dealer and try them on.

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I stick with Oakleys.  I have two different pair that I really like.  The Half Jackets are awesome, black on black of course, and the Half Wires are nice also.



military black :cool:


i need some new glasses...i ruined my square wires

my recipe for ruined $135 suglasses:

square wires

12 inch ratchet

tool bag


put on tool bag. add sunglasses and and ratchet. run up and down a ladder over and over...

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