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hey everyone,

i have a friend who's going to change out my tranny fluid and front and rear diff fluids.


what are some good fluids to replace them with? i was thinking of mobile 1. and is there a special kinda of fluid for the rear diff since it's an LSD?

should i just stick with OEM and get everything from the dealership?


the reason i'm having a friend do it is cause he works at a mechanic shop. if it wasn't so cold right now, i would do it myself.



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I put mobil 1 gear oil in the front, rear and mobil 1 trans fuild in the transfer case... No problem what so ever... The only thing thats not mobil1 is th tranny as it took to many quarts and the time I didnt have the extra cash...

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I followed the Mr. P "how to post" on changing all the fluids. I went with the Auto Trak II in the T-case, Mobil 1 in the front and rear diffs. But I started getting a lot of noise in the front diff. I thought I had gone too thin with the synthetic gear lube. so I drained out a quart and added Lucus HD gear fluid. and wow It got Quieter and feels better. I know thicker fluid is going to give me more parasitic drag and all that but I could not stand the sound! In the Tranny I switched out to the Mobil 1 and noticed it is a bit thinner, I want to try the Ford ATF and see what that does. Others have called this a "shift kit in a bottle" anyone had any success or information on this?

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