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new guy needs some help


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Hey guys i just signed up looking for some information. I'm getiing a new car or truck soon and i'm wondering if the silverado ss is for me. I drive a 94 impala ss now and I want something as fast if not fasterMy cousin has a harley f-150 and it sucks cause i know he can beat me. I was about to switch to the dark side and looked at cobras for a while but the insurance is just to much. I want to stick with the SS so just help me make my decision a little easier.

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A impala SS and Silvy are very close in my opinion. A harley is faster but if you hgave the money for a supercharger then it would even it out. Either way stay far away from here if you dont want to spend money :)

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there is no real tahoe ss only one that someone has made a friend of mine just bought a tahoe this week from truck trader that has a roll pan and ss front bumper i wanted the front bumper but it does not look that good the only way to do it is to change the whole front end bumper grille fenders lighte hood thats the only way it looks good IMO. :chevy:


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