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thats a nice write up thanks for posting the link, I notice he used Thunder Racing on all his links in his how to, have you or anyone had work done from this company.I'm looking for a local shop to do work on my truck just wondering how they rate



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Yes I have heard many good things about Thunder Racing . Check over at ls1tech.com , there are a lot of folks that use them.


thanks for the reply,


I like the T76 front turbo setup, but the only person I will let do that is in tx and I will have to ship the truck both ways


If I go SC I think Thunder Racing will be ok


I'll check out ls1tech.com now

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I just did a cam swap along with headers and e-fans. I took a ton of pictures and kept good notes. I would have had it up by now but I've been out of the country for work. I'll try to work on the post when I get back Thursday but I'm gone for another week right after that.

I'n the mean time if you have any specific questions about the install on our trucks sent me a PM or I can give you my number for emergencys.... I definatly had a few of those!

Good luck on the swap though... it's a lot of fun... and a damn pain in the ass! Haha.


Oh, also.. before you start... a set of metric gear wrenches would have saved me a lot of heart ache!

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