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3rd brake light!

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just got done putting it on and...ehhh! my buddy has it and i dont know if his fits like mine but mine doesnt fit too good. it like sticks out to much it doesnt fall right into the stock place. it looks like it seals fine but it looks pushed out. its a bully product. anyone else have this problem

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trying to post them but cant find the cable for the camera.....agghhh. hopefully will get some before it gets dark. if not today then tomorrow. don't think the screw are to long they say use the stocks. its like the base is 2 wide so it wont fall into the space that is there so it just stays on the outside and it sealed with foam. you will see better when i get the pictures



this is the one http://trucktoys4less.com/bully-truck-acce...rake-light.html

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so chase its normal for it to stick out more, becuase thats the only problem im having with mine and it defintly looks better than stock. also did the factory 3rd brake light light up in revese and when the door opens? because this one only goes on when i hit the cargo light button, kinda forgot what the stock one did

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