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I got hosed!!!


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So i recently purchased a new gauge pod that is SUPPOSED to mount on the top of my steering collumn, I got it today and i was all excited about it arriving, so tonight when i went to install it, and the m*ther f*cker wont fit :mad: It looks like it is designed for the 1999-2002. So tomorow i get to call the place i bought it from and raise hell! :banghead:


When I ordered it, the information said it would fit an '03... so someone is getting a new one tore tomorow!!!! :fume:



:rant: sorry I had to vent! :cry:

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go ahead vent all you want. i had many experience like this, they say it fits this model, you order it and it doesnt fit. it sucks becuase all the stuff i cant get from the dealer at work i get online and returning stuff online bl*ws big time. well hopefully you get your new pod soon. what kind of guage were you going to put in there?

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so i called the place i ordered this from and i get some indian dude who can barely speak english. :mad: I tried to be patient with the guy, but i was already pissed because my part didnt fit and it's $40 of my money just hanging out there.... now I gotta wait 4-6 weeks to get my money back. I guess its all good because they are making it right, but its just fustrating. :banghead:


:rant: again sorry :D

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