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Question for the stroker guys

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I got my 408 put back together and while it is much better as far as valve train noise with the new LS7 lifters.............its still loud. The whole motor just makes more noise then I would think. So my question is, compared to stock 6.0 how much valve train and just engine noise period should this thing be making. I have patriot stg 2 heads with the dual springs, bigger push rods, stock rockers, new LS7 lifters. I went over everything and it is all done perfect.


BTW with new lifters does it take some time for them to pump up and quit down? WHen I first started it things did not sound good at all, but after about 3-4 minutes it calmed down.

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Some of the clatter might just be the tone diffrence in a forged engine from a stock one.. and depending on your build tolerances.. I know with turbo or boosted engines we tend to build them a wee bit looser so they kina have a little clatter to them but nothing that will be bothersome.


Everything is good with pushrod length and valve lash? That would be the only other suspects I would suggest.

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I did not check the PR length or valve lash only because the motor was running fine prior to me tearing it down. I have just never heard it run until now. I did buy it from a guy who had it built by Gomer and that man knows how to build LS engines. Just curious about all the noise.

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