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Intimidator SS vs Saab

Porno Joe

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Getting off the highway the other day and I pull up to a red light in the left lane behind an older Saab. I didn't catch the model, but i did see a badge that said turbo. I wasn't really looking for a race just in a hurry to get home. Well he pulled away from the red light quicker than the right lane, so I moved over and was gonna pass him on the right. I pull in the right lane and he guns it, so of course I do the same. I pulled passed him and kept gained all the way up to about 85, at which point I was about 1.5-2 truck lengths in front of him, so i let off and he keeps going all the way up to like 100. When we got to the toll booth about 5 miles later I tried to get him to go again but he wouldn't.

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Did it look like this?IMG_2251.jpg .I bought the misses one.If you let those cars get the jump on you and your stock then you'll have to play catch up. They are pretty quick. In fact I think its faster then my truck.

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