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how about some garage pics?

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no im not talking about this sites garage im talking about your garages. ever since i was little and went into my uncles garage at his towing company i fell in love with garages and tools. his place was so nice and in order i wanted to have a garage like that. at my house i have a 2 bay garage. defintly nothing special because we need a place for my moms new caddy. but i do have my little area. i bought a craftsman box and filled it with tools, around when i was 13-14. ever since then i have been buying tools and adding to it. i want to see garages and see the different ways they are set up. i was thinking of getting a metal garage put up in the back of my yardso i can have a place all to my own. i also use a garage me and my uncle own but he keeps so many cars in the winter its hard to do anything. so maybe you could post pics aof how you have your garage set up or even dream garages. i would like to have many ideas to throw around. well here is what i use now. i know the tires are blocking alot but its the only pic i have so far. ~~~kyle


p.s hopefully chase read this because i heard he has a nice garage...



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home of the SS, its a t my girl's house, it is really nice we just need to finish wiring up the 220 . so we can put up the 2 post lift and have air out there and the plasma cutter.


oh and did i mention 12 ft doors and 20 ft ceilings.


adam needs to put his pics up he puts us all to shame.

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here my garage its 26 deep by 32 wide with a 8x20 storage on back for junk and compresor and a 20x20 on the far end for a game room cant see much it needs cleaned bad right now




















As you can see im outta room really bad. planning on adding a 24x24 to the front in the near future.

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