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Headers installed


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Hey all....


So a couple weeks ago i finally got my headers dropped off to be high temp powder coated, they were done early this week, and finally had time to put them in last night (Saturday.) It only took me about 3 hours to pull the manifolds out and install the headers. I used the factory manifold bolts (with some anti seize), new GM factory gaskets, and 6 3/8"x2" grade 8 bolts and nuts for the "collector" bolts. I got them installed, and torqued, started the truck and ran it for about 5 min, with no leaks! :) while i was working on the headers i did the steering shaft lube trick, and it worked :D







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the video plays but had no sound.... so no exhaust clip today :(








edit: sorry its not working :banghead: since its not working here are some more pics to keep you entertained :pop:




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what are your impressions of em so far? i'm thinking of getting a set of gibsons, or SLP shorties. dynatech is so damned expensive :banghead:


also, where did you order your chrome bowtie?


I like them so far, they look nice IMO. The bowtie is Street Scenes. I bought it from a local speed shop.


looks sharp, what kind of wires are you using?


MSD Super conductor 8.5mm wires. I'm wanting to upgrade to some 10mm but i'm still thinking about it...


They look great!! As a couple other people asked, how are the gains from them?


I havent noticed a large gain, it seems to breath a little better, it revs a little quicker and recover's from revs a little quicker too. I havent driven it enough to see how they effected my fuel economy, if at all.


looks good but where are your engine covers. :chevy:


I took them off.... IMO they're ugly and are completely unnecessary, they've been off for about a year now.

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They look great. So how long did it take ya to put them on? How hard?


it only took about 3 hours to pull the manifold's off and install the headers. It wasn't all that hard, just 9 bolts per side (6 head/3 collector). the most dificult part about it was getting to the bolts. It really should have only taken me about 2 hours but i drug ass the whole time... and i had the proper tools to do the job in far less time (pnumatic :D)

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