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need some front end advice


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well i need some help with the look of my front end. and before i get it done and dont like it and pay to have it done over i did a little "paint" of my own. the truck in the picture isnt mine but has the exact front i have waiting to be put on. i first would like to ask what you guys like better.


1)the truck with the silver grill frame and street scence grills?

2)the truck with the blacked out grill frame and black brake vents?

3) the blacked out grill frame and grey brake vents?


or make up a combo off your own. i really wanted to black out my front but ther are not any grills that can go into the street scene bumper cover. i wanted the stocker but i dont think it will fit, so i would go with the chrome and maybe down the road paint that black. well here you go







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