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Last friday I went to my local chevy dealer to check out wats all new on the silverado (not to bad) I asked if they have eard any thing on chevy makin a ss in the new bodystyle they say that they have heard that chevy might have a ss trim package first with body flare and everything painted (no crome) with the 6.0 and later to have a suppercharger come on it for the final SS Silverado in the new bodystyle. I was looking at a V max with all exteior painted from factory and my head started turning how bad ass it would look. the new bodystyle has takin a wile to get usedtoo but now im likeing it more and more looks mean.

Has anyone else heard this or anything like it because i hate to get my hopes up if its not true. I guy in the dealership (someone) told me he heard that the ford lighting the dodge srt/10 werent going to be made anymore so he thanks chevy wont make an SS also I told him he didnt know what he was talkin about hope im wright. he also said that if chevy did make a ss truck again it would be for the SSR a SSR SS what a waste of a truck. Let me know what yall have been hearing or know.



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