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need brake help quick!


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So at 20k I told the dealership the brakes were squeeking all the time, and they said the brakes should be good to 80-90 thousand and that I probably have a rock stuck or something... so now at 30k when the front end started grinding, I dropped it off and said I'm not driving it anymore untill they figure out what was up, that was on sat. so this morning i got a call and the verdict is..... fronts down to metal 1 rotor toast rears worn out too WTF???? I know i drive hard but come on? 30K???? thats it? anyways $780 something bucks for them to do it..... NO thanks. I need to replace em today but want something better than stock. something that i can pick up locally any suggestions? thanks for any help

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80K-miles?! Not in the real world.


If the problem was just one wheel or one axle then I would think there was a mechanical issue, but since all four are used-up I think you are braking too aggressively for the stock pads (and I don't have a problem with this :driving: ); IMO you need to switch to pads/shoes that are made from an autocross or road race compound that will bite a little harder and hold-up against the heat better (I'd recommend autoX formualted pads over RR pads). It's all about heat management; you want to brake as hard as possible without exceeding the thermal limits of the system. Don't stand the truck on it's nose in traffic, but don't ride the brakes either. A lot of people brake way too light and way too early and it builds up friction over a long period of time (comparitively speaking) and actually wears the brakes out faster IMO, so don't use the brakes for an 1/8th-mile to come up to the next light. OTOH don't brake so aggressively that you load so much heat into the rotors at any given time as to warp them; they can only shed the heat so fast. If you regularly brake short and hard in traffic then when budget allows you need to upgrade to larger/better aftermarket brakes that can both absorb more heat without warping as well as shed that heat to the air faster. Aftermarket brakes are a well-spent investment on these trucks.


Mr. P.

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