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Rear View Mirror


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Last saturday me and my friend were out in my truck on our way to a friends house and noticed my rear view mirror was going on and off randomly. It would shut off completely and turn back on again. The green light, the compass and temp, and passenger airbag indicator would all turn off and turn back on. It only happened that night and it was freaking cold and snowing really good but I wouldnt think that would have anything to do with it. It hasn't done it since then at least that I have noticed and the truck was at running temp and everything else was working perfectly so someone please shed some light on this. Thanks. BTW i'm still under warranty but only for a couple more months so if there is anything else I should look into let me know.

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No, the whole mirror has no electronic function at all. I thought it might be related to the issue I;m having with the seatbelt warning indicator-

possible bad groung somewhere. I tried checking fuses after I read your post but could'nt figure out which one was associated with the mirror

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