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Question for CHASE

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I thought my question for CHASE might be good for public view ...


CHASE, what I was wondering is what driveline mods have you made to your SS to handle the additional HP/Torque that your old LQ9 was making?


TxFer Case Mods, Axle Mods, etc.


Then, for this new engine you're building, do you have any plans for additional driveline mods?

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nothing really , only mods i have done was a strong 4l65e , and i recently added a ta performance rear girdle with bearign cap studs. I know our transfer case is pretty dam strong so i doubt that would fail. the rear end 10 bolt arent strong but only getting 62% of my power going to it it only need to handle about 500 hp . im sure it wont last forever but it looked good when i recently put the girdle on. the front diff being open could be a weak point but it was recently rebuilt and they are know for problmes on the SS. i think the drive shaft should be ok . the half shafts will break under extreme torque condtions but parish's lasted through a 1000+ hp/tq so i think ill be ok. the weakest thing in our driveline is without a doubt the transmission. id like to do the 80 swap but its just alot of money. right now im focusing on the fuel system . ive pretty much got the engine figured out. it shoul dbe done in a few weeks.

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