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Fed- Ex sucks


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Sorry i have to rant. I ordered a set of headers for my Firebird from AZRaceplace, the same place I got my truck headers from. They have great service but I am having a problem with Fed-Ex. AZRaceplace gave me a tracking # and told me about how long it would take which was no problem. The online tracking said they would be delivered yerterday, they did not show up. Not the first time time a package was late which is not big deal, but when I checked yesterday, it said out for delivery. Ok so come 5pm (I close at 5:30) still no package, so I call to let see what is going on. They tell me its on a fed-ex home truck and they say they deliver til about 9pm. Well I did not any thing to do last night so I hang arong and do a few things around the shop and play online. 10pm rolls around (time flies online) NO package :banghead: I call again and "its on the truck" I did not feel like waiting and went home. I check this morning and it says online "customer unavailable, business close 9:44pm" :wtf: which is the time the driver returned to the terminal and it is out for delivery. Now i told them this was a business when I called the first time, you think they would put it on a ground truck but no thats to hard :nono: I called a few times and by 4:30 I told them I close at 5:30 their like were sorry we will try to get hold of the driver :icon_bs: I called back at 6:30 and they tell me home delivery drivers are contracted (which I new my friend in Miaimi his father does this) and they dont have direct way of contacting them all the time, now you have someone using you name contracted by you and you cant get in direct caontact with them, now thats just bad business. It's now 7:30 and still no F-ing package. I have had problems with this driver before, I had problems when he delivered my other headers. The samething happend and when he showed up he had the flanges and other exhuast part but no headers :confused: I asked him he said he did not have anything, the next day he showed up with the headers :dunno: the guy did not seem to have a clue. Dont use fed-ex home!

just had to rant

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i never have a problem with ups, they deliver like clock work. I got my stainless steel front brakes and NX nos solenoid. I also had to pull him out of the dirt today. They are 4 laning the road in front of my shop and the idiots next door keep blocking my drive way and he got stuck going around them :banghead:

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Same problems with ups too .........................they all morons


personally i take offense to that comment. i work for i have worked for ups for 11 years now as a driver and on a daily basis i go out of my way to make sure that my business deliveries in a timely manner sometimes putting my lunch hour off until the end of the day if i have to so i can make sure they get their packages. this is one of the problems i hear about day in and day out from customers about fedex. there is usually 4 different fedex drivers that cover the same area as one ups driver. fedex has a driver for overnites, grounds, home delivery,etc. some you could possibly see 3 to 4 different fedex deliveries a day. in which with ups one driver handles all the deliveries next day, 2nd day, 3 day, and ground packages. i am by no means putting fedex down hell i have even shipped with them before i am just throwing my opinion out there.

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I say UPS is a little worse... i had almost the same problem with my iPod...i was watching it all day long...it kept saying that is was "out on delivery"


Well...i get home from work around 8pm.. (someone has been @ the house all day long)...still no ipod. i check online. it says DELIVERED! I'm like..WTF?!? i ask around... no sign of a truck all day...


So i drive down my road a little ways....the left my iPod on the SIDE OF THE ROAD IN A BAG!!!! :banghead::banghead::banghead:


Apparently it had been there awhile...b/c it had a nice coat of ice on it.... :banghead:



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