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New Guy From Cleburne, Tx.


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I'll sure try.. Kinda hard to really plan anything in advance working in the oilfield..

What exactly is the event and what all do I need to be prepared for? And by-the-way,

how do you post the little pic in the top left hand corner of comment box?

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Thread on Ennis GTG (Feb 10)


To put up a custom avatar you need to become a supporting member ($25/yr); you also get more PM and attachment space on the site, plus access the Gasoline Alley forum. In your control panel there should be a link to become a supporting member - now whether it works or not... :dunno:


Mr. P. :)

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Welcome to the site, we're all glad to have you here. :chevy: You'll find this place has a wealth of information and most of the basic questions can be answered by using the search feature. Also, don't forget to sign up to become a supporting member to give back to a site that gives so much to the sss comunity.


Just a few friendly reminders:


1. try using the search feature before posting a question

2. update your profile so everyone can see where you are from and the year/make/model of your vehicle

3. keep sig pics within 700X200 size

4. try to post your questions in the appropriate forums. (ie, which cold air intake to buy type questions go in the bolt on performance section)


Again, Welcome to the site and ENJOY your stay!! :cheers:

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Welcome fellow Texan and your timing couldn't be better Ennis on the 10th and I think another GTG in April if not sooner (fingers crossed). We had a GTG last weekend go to events and gatherings to check out the pics..Good times

Ennis sounds good and breakfast that morning would sound even better..

Maybe meet up w/ the ls1truck guys.... Anxious to meet everyone, nice to

meet people w/ the same interests... LOVE THE HOT RODS!! :chevy:

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