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Brand New RADIX 3.0 PULLEY


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3.0 RADIX PULLEY BRAND NEW. $45 shipped


Also have two stainless works collectors (BRAND NEW). dual 2.5 in/ 3 in out. their real nice peices. $45 a peice + shipping


$50 + shipping for both manifolds that includes heat shields and for extra $30 I will ship cats connected. Want to get it out of the garage. SOLD


Also have a custom bassani muffler 3 inch in/ dual 2.5 out in a 12x8x4 casing. This muffler was used for about 2k miles. This is a complete custom muffler hand made by bassani strictly for me. it's stainless Steel. $100.00 + shipping


Also have a 3.5 bassani race muffler mirror finish also Stainless Steel. $100 +shipping


Superchips programmer $50 + shipping. It was used once.


All stuff will consider possible trades for new comp 7.4 pushrods for 5.3 liter, or TI retainers or a tranny cooler GVW of 28k or higher. anything else I might be interested in PM me. thanx

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confuguration is 3 inch inlet/ dual 2.5 outlet. casing size is 4" wide x 8" tall x 12" long. The normal bassani 4x8 are at the smallest 16" long.


here is some stufff from their site.


We have always been driven to design and produce products which offer superior performance, features and fit. All of our mufflers utilize and exclusive core section, designed to make use of exhaust pulses to create a scavenging effect. Utilizing this effect enhances torque, horsepower and gas mileage.


Here is a picture of what the muffler looks like inside. The difference in mine is that this is a 16 inch muffler atleast and mine is atleast 4 inches shorter if not more


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have pictures of all this stuff now. If you want any pictures pm me with your email address. Their to big to post.


Also have somethings on ebay. here are the links.







Also have some golf clubs that could be up for sale if anyone is interested. their Titleist 735cm. $325.00

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