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Thinking of a Zex 75 shot

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I've been researching lately on nitrous kits. Everything I've read seems to have opposite opinions. Some sites say Dry kits are cheaper and easier, some sites say Wet kits are easier and cheaper. I've got the general idea of how both work, but which is easier and cheaper?! I think either one would require new larger injectors Injectors. I would only get maybe a 75-100 shot. The 4L60E blows...


Another question, my tune. I have it tuned on 87-89 now, it would knock with nitrous. I figured I could get my old PCM tuned with stock timing and better shifts ect and whatever fuel mapping needs to be done for spraying. (I have 2 PCM's) A hand held tuner would probobly be more ideal (have a 93 mode for regular driving and a nitrous mode with whatever timing/tuning), but I dont wanna drop 4-500 more bucks on a tuner. Could I just keep my current 89 tune and run 93 for the strip to spray?


Sorry for the noob questions, but all the sites I've looked up show mixed results of which is easier and or cheaper. If all this nitrous stuff doesnt work out Im just going to get a TC and dyno tuned on 93.

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