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Mobil 1 Synthetic all around?


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I have searched and was wanted to get some input on what I have intentions of doing. I did want to change all my fluids to Royal Purple but all you guys use Mobil 1 and swear by it and thats what I've used in the past so I'm going to continue to use it but I'm also wanting to put in Mobil 1 synthetic tranny fluid and synthetic gear fluid for the front and rear end and was wondering if anyone is running the mobil 1 synthetic tranny and front and rear end fluid and it improved overall operation and made everything feel smoother and maybe improve some mpg? I feel like a dumbass asking this do we AWD's have a transfer case? I know its a dumb question but I'm new to the AWD SSS. Also what oil filter do you guys use? I've always used Fram and never had a problem but I've heard good things about the mobil 1 oil filter.

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I believe and practice a strategy of changing fluids frequently; I don't wait until they are completely shot before fluid/filter changes. For me using all Mobile-1 fluids and the over-the-counter Fram filter frequently is economically similar to using a much more expensive line of products (AMSOil, RP, etc). Plus I can get everything I need 2-blocks away at Walmart.


The only thing I would advise is on the ATF, you will get better mileage/performance with the stock tranny if you use Dexron (non-synthetic). Using synthetic ATF actually causes the tranny to operate at lower fluid pressures, synthetic ATF will produce softer shifts and well long story short the stock tranny, converter, & shift tuning are meant to be used with Dexron; just change it yearly, don't run it so long it goes sour on you.


Transfer case - read the how-to!


Mr. P. :)

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Once again...I agree with Mr. P...I am sure Royal Purple is great stuff...The reason I get Mobil 1 stuff is I can get it at any Mobil gas station if I am on a trip and 'all hell breaks loose'...LOL

I use the synthetic DEX trans fluid in my transfer case though...

I know the blue stuff is better...but the warantee issue keeps popping up for me...Hate to have them drain 'Blue' fluid from my transfer case if it fails...although I hear our transfer cases are virtually bulletproof!!! But murphy's law states that mine will be the first to fail...LOL

I THINK the noise/operation of said devices got better after my changes...could be psychological...kind of like when my truck runs better after I wash it!!! LMAO

I plan on trying 'sea foam' later this week as my SS has over 60k on it now...although I drive like a wuss!!!...and should have carbon build-up on my motor...LOL

IMHO...you cant go wrong with a synthetic Mobil filter...I worked at a filter plant for Delphi when I started at General Motors, and the synthetic filters performed a little better...

What it all comes down to is like Mr. P said...just change fluids regularly, and you might prevent a costly repair...In fact I like selling my vehicles with me being able to say "I only used synthetic fluids"...Just my 2 cents...

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