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Does anyone else use limewire to download music? Is it legit? Should I keep the filter to block copyrighted music on?


It isn't legal if that is what you mean about legit. It works great

but leave the filter on if you don't want to take the chance of getting pinched.


the best way to be safe is to remove all the contents of the folder

limewire saves downloaded information to. It is usually called saved or

local, something like that, it's located in the Programs file under LimeWire.

This is the folder that the snoops from RIAA are looking for, so get it all out of there.

The true way to stay safe though is to pay a few bucks a month for a legal service.


Good Luck

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i use one called bearshare. it free from freedownload.com. comes with a program that supports it called save now. but if you have filters it stops the program from running. its not a big deal just come up when you want to buy something showing other sites with cheaper prices. you can get the pro and pay for it but i will stick to free things.

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try EASYNEWS....check this link Forum disscussing the site.

High jacked the quote from another forum.


"Premium newservers like easynews.com, newscene, etc do not log downloads, thus there is no log of what you download or even what group you downloaded from. they track how much you downloaded and how many times you request a group (but not the group itself). If fact newscene.com has told me their software does not even allow them to log anything more they would have to rewrite to provide those features. Also they provide SSL if you want to encrypt the data tansfereded between you and them. They do keep complete logs on posters, but some only for a limited time


Alot of ISPs do log more things some log what groups you entered, some even the article numbers you request, and burn these to CD.


Downloading from usenet is one of the few areas where there is still some degree of privacy, as long as you pick a good premuim service"

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