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AWD versus RWD


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I did use the search button, for this specific forum and for all the forums. Just couldn't quite come up with a large enough sample for an average. Tried again but its still hard to get an "average" for stock times for both... I saw one post as I did earlier about a stock 2wd ran a 14.8 but thats about it. I saw several other posts where people posted their stock times but it did not say wether or not they were 2wd or awd in the post or under their avatars... And the stickies at the top are pointless (for my purpose) cuz they dont state awd/2wd, just modifications etc... I realize this is an annoying ? but I was just curious cause obviously the awd should get better traction on the launch but as it runs through the gears it seems it would have more power loss through the drivetrain... idk... Sorry for wasting time.

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stcok for stock they are almost the same in the 1/4 the best 2wd is like a 14.7-14.8 and the best awd is 14.8-14.9 the awd will win stop light to stop light and the 2wd will usally win from a 40-50 mph roll.

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