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Exaust question


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Ok so I have been looking at exaust set ups and I think I found one I like ( LT's w/ high flow cats and some weld in SLP mufflers ) However, money is an issue :tear: But I was looking around and I found some SLP Loudmouth 1 bullet mufflers for like $90 each and was thinking i would just buy two of those and have a shop weld them in. I was just wondering would I see any performance gain from doing this ( I know not to expect much if any ) and what size piping is the stock exaust? 2.5? 3.0? I just wana know how well the mufflers would fit. Thanks in advance!


( P.S. ) here is the link to the SLP Loudmouth Mufflers I'm looking at




Thanks again!

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Yeah I was thinking about dumping it. I heard that was really loud. Thanks for the help, do you guys think it would be no prob for a shop to weld those mufflers in on the 2.5 pipes? and on a side note if I take my truck to a chevy dealer will they fix the steering clunk? ( I'm still under my 3/36k ) I ask only b/c I have time to do it tomorrow and want to get it taken care of. Thanks!

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I have a magnaflow dumped its not to loud...but my radio is usually louder so I dunno :)


my wife did ask why is it so loud the first time she road in it...but I personally love it...I get lots of comments from strangers asking whats in it and they say it sounds mean...plus I like the very clean look of no pipes out anywhere

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