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Hankook Ventus 275 45 20's FS - AZ


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Hey guys, having trouble selling these tires on coloradofans.com because most guys who have 20's lower their 'rados...consequently, they'd rub with a 275 45 20. Anywho, here's a link to craigslist where I have them for sale, anyone in AZ could pick them up for $550 obo, if I have to ship, $550 obo + shipping. Let me know through email, I'm not sure I'll login here very frequently as I'm not a contributing member. I know, I know, why buy from a dude with one post on the board, I might get scammed!? But, if you head over to coloradofans and check out the wanted to buy section, or anywhere else in the forums, you'll see that I've done plenty of business and am a well known member there.


Screen Name on c-fans: mc


email: fiftyfiveATgmailDOTcom






EDIT: They're also on eBay for those that wish to go that route:


Click Here.


...also, I think I posted this in the wrong section. Crap. :happysad:

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