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W2 rant


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man.. i hate this..

the school district i work for did not get my W2 to me on time.

the two guys on my team who are not in the union got thiers.. but not me and the other guy who are IN the union..

im so pissed man.. i need my tax return right now.. paying on two houses sucked all the money out of my pockets.


id love to see them get fined cuz they screwed up.. more over i may go to the union and file a grievance.

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I agree it sucks. Unfortunately if your Union is as powerful as mine you will get diddley squat. Maybe the company will promise "it'll never happen again" (till next time). I feel for you but the Union thing is a catch 22 any more. I'm a union member and I recently lost a grieveance that the Union VP told me was a "sure thing" and I lost. He then recanted and said the company was right. Good Luck.



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