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Went to Spain last year for a friends wedding..(Bullfight)


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My friend and I took over 4000 pics....When we went to Spain. We took the wifes and my Uncle went also on the same fight. The pics were taken with my Canon Digital Rebel XT SLR and my friends Canon Rebel. left image ture size so you could click to get the full effect. It was brutal but I had to see it with my own eyes. here are a few...post-8750-1170357415_thumb.jpg8c9813b2.jpg


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lol nice pic, I have Spanish blood and have been there a few times and might to school there soon for a few months. Bull fighting is not one of my favorite sports :sick:


Yeah we wanted to check it out for ourselves....What a trip. It's my understanding that after they gut the bull the meat goes to needy families and so on.


Great Camera the Canon Rebel (called 350d over here) I love mine best Camera i've ever owned..


Yeah I just traded in my 350d for a 400d (Canon Rebel XTI, 10.2m, 9 focal points). Im not happy with it. :banghead: . They took features away......I hate the sh**.3d395c30.jpg0d0b1b75.jpg9777d544.jpg5f7d3546.jpg

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