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Cobalt SS wouldent go


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So i left my g/f's house and decided to go for a short 10-15min cruise to see what was going on. so I head down this one street and get to a redlight and I see what I think is a Ford HD ( same body style ) so I made a u-turn and caught up to him but I found out it was just a reg ass F-150 with every chrome piece made for that kind of truck...anyways on to the Cobalt SS...I leave the wana be HD and see a silver SS cruising down the road so I catch up and kinda gun it and let off...gun it and let off...Nothing :shakehead: so I get down the road where there is some light and I look over and its a teenage girl :banghead: She probably thinks the SS stands for "Super Sweet" Anyways i went home w/ a headach and i wasted gas for nothing :shakehead: Oh well were going to the movies tomorrow night and there is always plenty of high school ricers to fry lol :driving:

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Not all Cobalt SS's are supercharged and not that fast. The supercharged ones would make good race you stock vs stock...supposedly they are pretty quick, but the one I ran on the freeway didnt put up much of a fight...my video is posted in this section of me racing the cobalt ss.

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