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Transmission under/overdrive

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Has anybody looked in to these auxiliary transmissions/gear splitters/under-overdrive transmissions


Below is the site:


auxiliary transmission


What are your opinions, testemonies, etc.


Edit: looks pretty sweet but upon further inspection doesnt look like they make one for our truck unless the 4L60E application would work for ours?

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yeah the gear vendors is pretty cool . but it wouldnt work for us awd guys without some extensive modification. it wouold be nice for 2wd guys but would add some weight . that weight would be made up with the new gearing though.

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I just thought I'd bump the thread up since I've been looking into these. They MIGHT have a solution for the SS now seeing as they have a 4x4 unit now. I've sent them a message so we'll see if it can be done without a lot of work. No matter what you put it on it'll have to have a custom rear drive shaft anyway.

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