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Questions for the photo gurus

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Hey guys I have a Canon EOS Rebel G with a decent telephoto lens on it. I received a small bonus from work and I want to get a Digital Canon that I can lenses (future and current ) on both. I was thinking of getting the XTi or XT or 350d


I will probably snag one off eBay and try to stay in the 500 dollar range. Anybody have some reviews/advice/recommendations for me?



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I see that your talking about a Cannon, but I just recently picked up a Nikon D40. It was just recently released not too long ago and I couldn't be happier. I bought it to take better pics of my newborn daughter. With all the hype of all the features of these DSLR cameras, it's best to do some research and figure out exactly what you are going to be doing with the camera. With what I use it for, the D40 is great. I paid somewhere around $600.00+ for the D40 kit from Best Buy with a warranty.

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I recently traded in my Canon Rebel XT (350d. $600) in for a Canon Rebel XTI (400d,$700ish) and there were pretty similar. The XTI has 9 focal points rather then 7, 10.2 megap vs. 8.2, and a bigger lcd screen. There both excellent cameras and very user freindly. I buy all my electronics from costco because there return policy is the best. No questions asked as long as you have the receipt. Example- I had a purchased a portable dvd player ($400)and had it for 2 years then it took a crap. Receipt in hand I returned the dvd player the gave me store credit and I purched a new one ($250) that was better with no problems. Also with the Rebel XT that I had for almost a year I returned it for the XTI. But as far as the camera goes its your prefrence. Try this site




You can side by side compare cameras as well as get alot of tips on buying whats right for you. I really like the Canon's but thats just me. Defently go SLR though. Check the site, The link I posted has the Nikon compared to the Canon. Good luck! I'm new to this slr seen also and I'm learing every day. Before I went to Spain last year I went out and bought the XT, to give you an idea of the pics it can take with a new user take a look at these amature shots. Spain Pics Good Luck!

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