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FS: Volant CAI w/ SS Ram-air tube


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The only reason I'm selling my Volant is that I've fallen in love with the looks of the GMPP intake, so I'm going to buy that one instead! The Volant CAI I have installed in my truck now is in perfect condition (I did cut some of the excess material off the scoop of the tube to allow for better fitment to the rear of the brake duct). I will be sure to clean it up nice for the buyer before I ship it out!


*Edit - Pics added! 1st one is a full shot of the engine bay, 2nd is upclose in the engine bay, last is a shot of the Ram-air scoop from up under the front bumper...


I'm offering the CAI/Ram-air tube for $330 shipped...(keep in mind that new these items combined cost $480 from Tbyrne BEFORE shipping!) PM me if interested!




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Would u be willing to split them up and sell me just the ram-air tube??? :chevy:


Sorry, I 'm trying to sell this as a package deal. Plus, I already have a potential buyer lined up, but I'll keep you posted if that deal falls through...

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