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Ran a late 90's G. Cherokee


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I was driving home tonight, just cruising along. I waxed my truck today so it was looking pretty sharp, and it was getting alot of attention and was breaking some necks.


So there i was, putting along 5 mph below the speed limit, when this silver Grand Cherokee zipped up next to me and threw a rev out. It was a V8 model, so i assume it had at least a 318 in it. :uhoh: He reved it again and i just started to laugh. :lol: Then he punched it and started to take off. I of course, couldn't allow this little ol jeep get one up on me, so I went WOT and caught him really quick, i then let out of it let him gain a little more and then went WOT agian, and completely anialated him :driving: . I had more than proven my point and then started to play with the radio and about a block later I hear "WAAAAAAAAAAA!" and there goes this Jeep moving slow and making alot of noise. :crackup:


I thought this was pretty funny and had to share... :thumbs:

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