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How much $$$ for the SS?


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This is most likely the 1,000th time someone has asked this, but how much did you pay when you purchased your SS? Was it new or used, and how many miles did it have? O ya, and what year was it? (the truck and when you bought it) I think my dad paid 37K for mine...but I am not exactly sure. Mine was new, we bought it in 2006.

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mine is an 06 i got it in Dec of 05. traded in my 03 silverado with around 30,000 on the clock for it. i gave some place around 31 or 32 for it i think. i know it stickered for 43 and its the truck ive always wanted so i got it.

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I bought my 06 Intimidator in April 06 and sticker was $42,800 and I was out the door at $31,373 ...no trade ins and it had 100 miles on it I am guessing because they drove it around Texas Motor Speedway.

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03 AWD bought new in april of 05. Never sold, people around here aren't willing to spend 42k for a new truck, and not be able to pull a fifth wheel with it.


I came in and offered $31,500, and then with rebates ($1,000 truckfest, $500 first time buyer, $500 24 hour test drive) , and my '83 chev is gonna blow up because of side-saddle gas tank' rebate ($1,000), I went out the door for 28,500.

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sticker was 41500 on my 03 they were trying to get rid of it to bring in 04,s they knocked it down to 32500 but with the extended warranty gap insurance and ttl i financed 37000 the extended warranty has more than paid for itself it had 40 miles on it



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