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SSS vs. Betley


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So I was with 3 of my friends around 2am the other night ( we went to Wendy's for a midnight snack ) We were passing by NASA which is right down the road from me. and I see a NICE red car infront of me...so I catch up to him to see what it is...Its a Bentley Continental GT. he was doing 5mphj under the speed limit so I look over in the passenger seat and there is a hot blonde. so I kinda gun it and let off and he does nothing. so I pull up at a redlight next to him. I figure he wont do anything but the light turns green and he punches it and so I do like 2 sec after him. It wouldent matter if he gave me a 10 car length jump he was gonna kick my ass anyways. so needless to say he totally destroyed me. he had me by about 10 car lengths lol :lol: bu it was fun anyways :chevy:

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i like to make fast cars run too, so i can see the sheer power of em. last week i was next to a cobra and i heard a whistle under the hood and i decided i wanted to see it run. so i go reving on him like i was going to race him, and he punches it from about a 30 mph roll and man was that thing quick. it was supercharged for sure and it took off like a bat out of hell. i couldn't believe it. it was funny though because i didn't even attempt to run him and just watched him waste his gas. :crackup:

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every tuesday and thursday on my way to one of my classes I always see the same black Gallardo and i want to see that guy get on it some day.

dude saw a yellow one the other day comin from austin, those things are loud as hell i couldn't even here my truck over it

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