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Stock brakes...


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I burnt through mine in 30k!!! Just wondering if this is some kind of record? Oh and by the way, thats pads rotors and shoes :banghead::banghead::banghead: I guess I might need to :chillpill: on those off-ramps!


30k is a bit early for rotor replacement. there is a brake pad indicator letting you know the pads are low right? Shouldn't really wear down to the rotor.


Anyways, I know it's a wear item and shouldn't be covered under warranty.....but it never hurt to try and complain to the dealer about it. You just might get them to replace it for ya.

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Was talking to my mom yesterday about her Yukon and she told me her brakes have not been changed yet. Her GMC Yukon XL has 80,000 miles on it no bullshit!!!!!! I think she holds the record!


My Tahoe has 82,000 miles and the brakes are only half worn (if that). These brake pads last a long time if you're not always on the brakes.

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I see a consistant pattern here... Moms gm vehicles brakes last till 80k..... i guess i dont drive like yalls moms. More like Fireman and Kaotik :driving: I did take it into the dealer at 20 k when they were squeeking.... (they sqeeked from about 8k, but I think that was from all the trailering I did last summer) they told me there was probably a rock in them because the brakes should last to 80-90k :lol: They didn't even take the tires off. I shouldn't have taken their word for it and checked myself. Just too busy w/ work and side jobs.

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