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House Fire


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I live in Detroit.

I live in a poor ass negiborhood.

I had a house fire that displaced our family 15 years ago.

This is an amazing site to see.

Thanks to all the fire Men/Women who come to protect.

oh yea, my wife wants to move:)

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Yeah that's pretty terrible. About 6 months ago we had an entire apartment complex burn to the ground in Stephenville, which was very big news in these parts; the kids were with me, we went to the local cemetery down the street and watched the activity from there for a few minutes. Lots of people were displaced there too.


Mr. P.

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wow, that reminds me of when Santana Row went up in flames and I lived across the street from it.

That is a good job!!!! :cheers:


talk about going to work brother............ :eek:

In the words of my Captain "Look at that smoke brothers, we gotta job!!!" :jester:

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