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Looking for pics of side exit exhaust


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I already searched the site for pictures of those of you with side exit exhaust and only found 1 picture. When i bought my truck i had dual exhaust exiting on both sides of the truck, I'm not sure if I really like the look and was thinking about changing it and having dual exhuast but both exiting on the passenger side infront of the rear tire. If there are any of you with this set up please post up pics.

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I see them...


I see a link to the pictures and when I click on them, I get the error. I only have like 30 posts and am not a supporting member, could that be it.


The wierd thing is that on some posts with linked pictures, they show up fine...

I thought buy posting pics in a topic that everyone should beable to see them. I am not a computer person so can anyone tell me why some people see them and others have to click a link to them?

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