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Got my birthday present a little early


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I've been wanting to get back into guitars for the last several years... Well, the other day I saw some cheap ones for sale in Target of all places (not that I'd ever buy one there) and that got me thinking about it again, dreaming about my dad's old '72 'strat and playing it back in Jr/ High jazz band. So I started wandering into music stores over lunch hours, day dreaming of playing "Iron Man", "Back in Black", or something of the like... Well, I heard a music store commercial saying all guitars were on sale... the store: Reimans, the guitar: Huntington Lace, the price: 200 bucks (over 30% off of their normal price and close to 150 bucks cheaper than at another store). I picked up an electric tuner, gig bag, learning DVD for getting back the basics, cables, small practice amp, etc all for about $350.


Here she is (yes, guitars are girls. You hold them close, and if you play it right you will make beautiful music together. Play it wrong and it just makes pissed off noises...)



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i have a guitar and a banjo,,,,,,,,, both for sale.

do you know the difference between a ss and a banjo??

you can tune a ss.


going to look at a street rod project this weekend, guy wants to trade a 51 buick

roadmaster coupe with sb conversion for the banjo.........

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