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just a little teaser :)


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So the Toyota dealership got its shipment of new Tundra's in a couple of days ago, and my dad, who goes through a new Tundra every 8-10 months, was holding his breath for the 2007 models. Yesterday my dad gets a call from the owner of the Toyota dealership, telling him that he could come pick out his new truck today (friday). So we went and poked around this morning and decided that he would like to have the bright blue one sitting there with all the options: navigation, leather, 5.7L V8, 6 speed tranny, double cab, 4x4... I mean this thing makes my truck look like a Work truck model, as far as trim goes. :lol:


So my dad went down to the dealership and bought himself a new truck, but wont take delivery of it until tomorow, so it can be cleanup up. Since my dad and the owner of the dealership are good buddies, they got to B/S'n and Jeff, Toyota dealership owner, said to my dad, Rick, "Tell Cody I'll bet him $100 your new Tundra can blow the doors off his Silverado SS."


So dad came and told me this, knowing that I have a great chance of making $100 in about 14.5 seconds, I accepted the challenge.... Only catch is I have to wait for a week :banghead:









Sorry I had to tease you guys a little bit. Give me some insight on what YOU think the outcome will be. I'm pretty sure its gonna be SS>Tundra. :D




-Cody :seeya:


His truck looks just like this:


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I'd run against the Tundra; my only worry would be how good the 6-speed is. But no I don't see the Tundra "blowing your doors off".


Mr. P.


EDIT - I just took a look at toyota.com, if the truck is a "Limited Double Cab 4x4" then his curb weight is 5500-lbs; if he is getting the 4x2 then your trucks will weigh close to the same. The Toyota 6-speed ECT has a BIG jump between 1st and 2nd gear, that's a really wide ratio trans IMO and even though the engine makes 380-hp (which is about what you're making) the torque peak is only at 3600-rpm. I think either way you've got it :thumbs:

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I don't know for sure, but from what I have seen, those new Tundras are beasts. They are supposed to be everything a truck is "supposed" to be. I thought those new Tundra commercials made the truck out to be pretty impressive.

:withstupid: Maybe it'll start a trend I'd sure like to have some brakes that stand up to stopping 5k+ lbs!!

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