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Midnight Mayhem


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Hey didn't see anyone last night at midnight mayhem. Just wanted to get everyone thoughts on my times they seem pretty slow from what i've seen on some of the other forums.


R/T .886

60" 2.505

330 6.840

1/8 10.420

MPH 69.33

1000 13.483

1/4 16.141

MPH 84.29


This seem really slow from what I've read. Any thoughts. I'm wondering if there is an elevation issues since i moved here from more mountainous terrain. My truck is basically stock cept CAI and Flowmaster mufflers but looking to add a shift kit and corvette servos and a tune from revworks

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Is your truck an SS? Well either way las vegas is a VERY slow track. 2200 foot elevation kills our times. I was there last night with my hemi ram. I have CAI, weld in muffler, superchips and a posi and I went 15.0 so that's good for a 14.6 at sea level. Your time is about a 15.7 at sea level. Everyone was running slow last night so don't feel too badly. I didn't see any SS's out there but I saw 2 silverados othe rthan the group I came with. Our group had two silverados, two titans and my hemi. If you caught my run I am the regular cab grey 06 hemi and I had the fastest N/A truck run of the night. This guy jeff's 5.3 went 15.0 as well but he was 9 one hundredths slower than me. I saw some guy with no tail gate and his license plate was like slorado or something and if that is you then don't worry. A guy I know that has an ecsb 5.3 was out there last night and he went 15.5 with exhaust, CAI and a tune. Get back to me with what you drive and what your truck looks like. Also, we meet at the gas station by the speedway at 7 on the midnight mayhem nights so meet up with us next time.


Also, there was a titan out there last night that came with us and he has the 4 full doors, 4x4 and 33's and with just exhaust he went 15.4. That's good for 15.0 at sea level, he has a true factory freak.


Edit: how are you doing your starts? I stall to 1500 then go WOT. Your 60' seems slow so that can account for your problem as well. Don't get discouraged, my first time I ran here I was VERY pissed after I saw my times.

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My truck is a true SS. It's arrival blue, dark tint, shiny 20's, billet 5 pc grill and shopman1 bowtie. I know that my truck should run faster but it was my first time out at the speedway. I got out there about 10:00 and i saw the other silverados but no other SSS. Were you guys sitting were everyone was parked or sitting in line. I didn't see the truck with no tailgate or slorado license plates but that wasn't me. All in all it was a good time but my truck did seem a little sluggish but i'll definetly be checking things out under the hood. Look forward to meeting up with you guys next time.

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