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1051 Pound Wild Hog Caught


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this was all over the news. it looks a little photoshoped to me. its way to wide and bulging for a hog, but you never know. you choose





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I say real....there were 40 + foot pytons in the jungles before man got rid of em. Thats an old animal and he had no predators and was not killed off by any diseases.

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Farm raised Hogs can get to 1300 lbs and 7' long.


This pig has yet to be verified as truth or fiction ....... but ........ here is the kids webpage about it.






and the snopes article

http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/hogzilla.asp ( at the bottom )

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I'd say although the weight and length is unofficial, its real. There is a an interview with the boy and his father on www.cnn.com if you can watch streaming video. Every time a record is broken like this or even close, there is always disbelief and speculation of fibbing...it's real.

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my mother in law has been missing for several weeks. and now her picture is all over the internet.

some kid done went and shot her. thanks kid


on a real note. when i was a teenager we had a spotted poland china hog sow that was 5ft tall at the sholders and 9 ft long. she dressed out (gutted) at just over 1000 lbs. we got over 100lbs of bacon from her.

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I got this from the kids website...


I have to congratulate you because I didn't think it was possible for an 11 yr old as large as yourself to chase a pig for three hours in hilly terrain. Well done, fat boy! For real though. Killing an animal about half your size does not make you a hero, or a model american, or anything else anybody might say you are. It certainly does not make you worthy of being in a movie.

You are a worthless piece of crap and i hope one day another noble american hunter such as yourself mistakes you for a large hog and shoots you about 12 times before your fat ass drops dead. They'll definately need another backhoe in the woods to pick your body up with. I hope you're enjoying your fame. Satan is going to have fun with you when you rot in hell.

God Bless.



:crackup: :crackup: :crackup:

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I would say that it not a photoshop--just a creative use of lenses. Perspective is everything in a photograph. Notice how much closer the hog is in every picture. Use a wide angle lens with lots of depth-of-field and you can make anything look huge. Most people have probably seen photos of people leaning on the Washington Monument or something like that. It's the same principal. Any beginning photography student can do it.


Just thought of another good example. The pics of the huge spiders in Iraq. They truly are huge, but not as big as they look in the pictures. I could be proven wrong, but 30+ years in photography says it lens selection and perspective.

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